Foster Care

Foster care is a temporary living situation for children whose parents cannot take care of them and whose need for care has come to the attention of child welfare agency staff. While in foster care, children may live with relatives, with foster families or in group facilities.

How long children stay in foster care depends on their family situation and what options are available in their communities. For some children, their stay in foster care is brief; for others foster care lasts one to three years or, in some cases, longer. A key goal of foster care programs is to ensure that children live in stable, lifelong families, since secure attachment to at least one parenting adult is a crucial child developmental building block.

Foster Care Handbook

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When children are placed with you, here’s what you’ll provide:

  • Care and safety
  • Food and shelter
  • Access to medical and dental care (paid for by the State)
  • Transportation
  • Emotional support and encouragement

As a foster parent, you will receive:

  • Training
  • Partnership and support from Guiding Harbor
  • Financial reimbursement
  • Fulfillment

Frequent Questions

Foster children are typically in care for one year while reunification efforts are in progress.  Some foster child may be reunited sooner but foster family should plan on providing a home for up to a year.