Guiding Harbor is pleased to announce that we have a scholarship fund for any youth or former youth who was an active participant in any Guiding Harbor/Girlstown program.

Please complete the application below or email Jennifer Trotter at

Suzanne Baber Scholarship Application

This Scholarship has been made possible through an original donation by Suzanne Baber, a member of General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Michigan, to encourage continuing education of persons who have successfully been released from the programs of Guiding Harbor/Girlstown and is perpetuated by the generosity of other likeminded individuals.

There will be a selection committee of three individuals who may not be familiar with the institution you are choosing to attend; therefore, it is important not to use abbreviations in your application.

The selection committee is not necessarily basing the award on academic strengths but basing it on academic need and their reaction to your application. Thank you for taking the time to apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility requirements:

1. Successful completion of a Guiding Harbor/Girlstown program past or present.

2. Proof of acceptance into a continuing educational program such as trade school, community college, university, or apprentice program.

3. Completed application form.

Funds awarded through this scholarship will be deposited directly to the students account at the financial aide office at educational institution where the student has been accepted. Those receiving this scholarship are responsible for providing the Suzanne Baber Scholarship Committee with: proof of enrollment in an educational institution, the institution’s address, the address of the financial aide office, and the student’s identification number. Evidence of completed course work will also be required.

The Suzanne Baber Scholarship is renewable based on availability of funds and the discretion of the scholarship selection committee. Number of scholarships and the amounts awarded each year will be based on the interest earned by the scholarship fund.

The Scholarship Committee will review applications four times per year



Committee Meeting Deadline Will review applications received during this period
February February 1 Nov 2 – Feb 1
May May 1 Feb 2 – May 1
August August 1 May 2 – Aug 1
November November 1 Aug 2 – Nov 1



The decision of the committee will be considered final.


Complete the online application below, or download the application and return to us.