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Girlstown Foundation to be known as Guiding Harbor

The nonprofit Girlstown Foundation recently changed its name to Guiding Harbor to better reflect the population it serves. Guiding Harbor has served children and families in southeast Michigan since 1958. Its residential program, which has served more than 500 adolescent females, will retain the Girlstown name as it is the only program that serves females exclusively.

The Guiding Harbor Foster Care Program provides services to children from birth to age eighteen. The program is designed to provide a nurturing setting for children who are either temporarily or permanently unable to return to their family of origin. Guiding Harbor provides support services

for foster families who care for youth as they work toward returning to their biological family.

The Supervised Independent Living Program assists young adults in developing independent living skills, enhancing educational/vocational and career choices while offering employment opportunities for 16-to 21-year olds who are physically and emotionally able to master the skills and experiences offered. Young people referred to this program must have a demonstrated history of functioning at a level appropriate for community based living. Guiding Harbor is always in need of individuals and families willing to open their hearts and homes to accept foster children and young adults. Foster parents and SIL providers are a vital part of the Guiding Harbor mission to improve the lives of children.

Girlstown offers therapeutic residential care for girls ages 12 and above who have been referred for emotional/and or behavioral problems stemming from abuse and neglect.

Call (734) 697-7242 or visit guidingharbor.org to learn more.

Those interested in becoming foster parents or SIL providers can email Christine Streu at cstreu@guidingharbor.org for more information.